Bill Clinton’ gaffe: Mixes up Montenegro and Macedonia

Podgorica (Montenegro), May 24 (IANS/AKI) Former US president Bill Clinton became a laughing stock in the Balkans after he confused Montenegro – his host – with Macedonia.

Clinton made the gaffe during a speech this weekend in the Montenegro tourist resort of Budva by saying he was glad to be in Macedonia – another small Balkan country.

‘If its problems are confronted in the right way, the future of the region will be bright, including the future of Macedonia whose beauties are breathtaking,’ Clinton said, triggering laughter among his audience.

His gaffe sparked a wave of comments on media forums in Serbia and Montenegro.

‘Poor man, he doesn’t even know where he was,’ said one commentator.

‘It’s shocking and sad to see what kind of people are ruling this world,’ said another commentator.

Clinton was honorary guest at the weekend at a meeting in Budva on Balkans problems and perspectives, organised by the government of Montenegro and a private business company the ‘Atlas group’.

The meeting marked the fifth anniversary of Montenegro’s independence from state union with Serbia and participants paid up to one thousand euros to attend.

Clinton received an honorary doctor’s degree from a private university in Montenegro.