Brits angry over 650 mln pound aid to terrorist haven Pakistan

London, May 3: The news that Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was living in Pakistan for more than five years has sparked off fresh anger and dismay in Britain over the David Cameron government’s recent decision to give Islamabad 650-million-pounds in aid.

The Daily Express quoted Tory MP Philip Davies, as saying: “It is extraordinary to give 650 million pounds of taxpayers’ money to a country that at best is facing both ways and at worst harbouring the world’s worst terrorist.”he huge cash injection by the Department for International Development will make Pakistan the UK’s biggest recipient of overseas aid.

The package is designed to get four million of the 17 million children who currently receive no schooling into the classroom.

Pakistan spends just 1.5 per cent of its national income on schools but is placing billion-pound orders for six Chinese submarines and 36 fighter aircraft.

Cameron defended the payments at the time, saying: “If Pakistan is a success we’ll have a good friend to deal with. If we fail we’ll have all the problems of migration, of extremism – problems that we don’t want to see, so it’s in our interest that Pakistan succeeds.”

The cash will come on top of the existing Å“140million annual aid commitment to Pakistan and means Britain will be sending about Å“350million a year over the next four years. (ANI)