Greenpeace India to send over 21000 faxes opposing Jaitapur to PM, Chavan

Bangalore/New Delhi May 4, 2011: Demanding an immediate halt to the Jaitapur project till a comprehensive review of the nuclear policy is conducted; Greenpeace today began faxing people’s petitions to the Prime Minister’s Office and also to the office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

These petitions were received after former Navy Chief Admiral Ramdas, sent a direct public request to ‘sign a petition and tell Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that he cannot ignore serious concerns raised by the people of this country’.

In his statement from Coimbatore, Admiral Ramdas said “This is going to be a long and hard struggle to convince our leadership that nuclear power is neither clean nor safe. It seems clean as no one can spot the leaks or the errant radiation that looms around. Much as we may claim to be outstanding scientists, we do not control the elements. Nature with its unpredictable ways has humbled human kind repeatedly. Hitherto, in India we have had no major nuclear accidents, but should that happen we will have nowhere to go. Our planners are spreading the new power plants all around our coast as if there iso time to think nor any alternates available! Ultimately Peoples power alone will convince our decision makers where they have gone wrong.”

He admonished the government for showing disregard for the views of the many scientists, academics, respected public figures and citizens who have called for a review of government’s nuclear energy plans and review of Jaitapur in particular.

“This petition is in light of the shocking statement from the Government on the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, to pursue its nuclear plans even before a proper audit of nuclear safety and review of technology is conducted. The government has failed to allay the concerns of the people of Jaitapur” said Vinuta Gopal, Climate and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace.

Local residents of Jaitapur are bitterly opposed to the project and unwilling to accept the risk to their life and livelihood. The recent disaster at Japan’s Fukushima reactor has fueled further opposition. (ANI)