Malaysian imam says use of Quranic verses in songs can turn listeners into ‘polytheists’

Kuala Lumpur, May 14: A Malaysian imam has asked nasyid lyricists and singers to avoid using Quranic verses in their songs, as mispronunciation risks the chance of converting a listener into a ‘polytheist’.

Chief imam of the Malaysian National Mosque Syaikh Ismail Muhammad said that reciting the verses incorrectly could lead someone to become syirik (polytheist) and create confusion.

“Many nasyid groups use Quranic verses in their songs and some even use them with a rock beat. Similar groups in the Middle East do not do that but merely have sentences in the Arabic language,” The Star quoted Syaikh Ismail, as saying in a video recording played on the National Mosque’s website and on YouTube.

He also said that changing ‘Allah’s tenets’ was a sin because Quranic verses should not be recited along with music.

Syaikh Ismail further urged the authorities to set up a department, consisting of imams in mosques and teachers of Quran in schools and elsewhere, to screen recitations of the holy book in the electronic media.

“I do not wish to make this an issue, but for our common good, I hope nobody will misuse the Quran,” he added. (ANI)