‘Bald’ Rooney’s eight-hour high-tech clinic sessions in bid to get hair back!

London, June 4:It has emerged that Wayne Rooney is undergoing a secret treatment to grow his hair back, after he was spotted leaving a clinic where hi-tech eight-hour sessions for VIP clients cost thousands.

“Wayne booked in for a two-day treatment. He’ll look five years younger,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

The ‘Manchester United’ star, 25, had his head covered with a baseball cap and a hoodie despite the heat as he left ‘Queen Anne street medical center’ on Thursday.

“Wayne has been thinking about treatment for some time. He asked to meet a model who had the procedure and was so impressed he booked in for a two-day treatment. Doctors have told him to expect significant improvement,” the source added.

Rooney had previously tried pills and lotion to cure his baldness. (ANI)