Jim Carrey loves painting

London, June 8: Actor Jim Carrey has a huge passion for painting and has finished a masterpiece that took him 200 hours to create.

‘I have a painting I’m doing right now in New York and I have about five more days after spending 200 hours on it. It’s 16-feet tall and 12-feet wide; it’s a black light painting. In the daylight it’s a normal painting but when you turn the black lights on, it really lights up and people come out of the dark and it’s kind of interesting,’ dailystar.co.uk quoted Carrey as saying.

The 29-year-old says the painting has taken over his life away from the film set.

‘It’s conceptual and impressionistic. When I’m not acting I wake up every morning and I have my coffee and I pick up a paintbrush. I have a studio in New York,’ he said.