Morrison thinks Cheryl Cole should appear on ‘Glee’

London, June 21: Actor Matthew Morrison believes a role in American television series ‘Glee’ would help resurrect Cheryl Cole’s career in the US.

Morrison, 32, who plays teacher Will Schuester in the musical series, thinks that Cole, 27, could revive her career following her firing from ‘The X Factor’ if she lands a role on the show.

‘Cheryl is on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the UK. It’s not the same in America but I think she can crack it. She’s a talented girl,’ quoted Morrison as saying.

‘Appearing on ‘Glee’ would be a good way for Cheryl to crack America. She was part of Fox when she was in America and they also make ‘Glee’. Maybe she will get an appearance – you never know,’ he added.