Obama, Boehner to play a round of golf this month

Washington, June 4: US President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have settled on a date to play golf together-June 18.

Weeks ago, the president invited Boehner to join him on one of his regular golf outings and now their schedulers have finally found a suitable time to do it, Political Punch reports.

Obama is one of the most avid golfers in presidential history, having golfed at least 68 times as of May 15.

The president earlier said that golfing is the only excuse he gets to move outside for four hours at a stretch.

According to Golf Digest magazine, Obama’s handicap is anywhere from 16 to 24, while Boehner’s is between five and eight.

Boehner is a member of two golf clubs

“I’m sure I’ll have to give him strokes,” Boehner said in January (ANI)