UK trichologist wants hair extension to be banned

London, June 1: An increase in the number of women seeking help after their locks were ruined by the trendy hair extensions has prompted hair specialists in the UK to call for a ban on the treatment.

The demand for fake hair rose dramatically in recent years, thanks to celebrities.

But there has also been a huge increase in the number seeking help for the damage caused by extensions, according to trichologist Steve O’Brien of the London Centre Of Trichology.

He said two years ago the London Centre Of Trichology was treating 30 people a month but now it is more like 50 – and rising.

He said the number of enquiries has also gone up.

Experts want hair extensions using glue to be banned because they say the bonding is causing traction alopecia, which rips hair out by the roots causing small bald patches, reports the BBC.

The condition can continue to spread even after treatment is started making the damage irreparable. (ANI)