BJP pulls up Congress over land acquisition row

New Delhi, Aug 3: Hitting out at the ruling Congress Party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday highlighted the irregularities observed in the allocation of land to the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT).

Prasad’s comments came soon after a court pulled up the Haryana Government over the dubious land acquisition process recently.

The Haryana government has, however, claimed that no rules were violated.

Prasad raised questions on the need for Haryana Government’s statement to the court that they would ‘review’ the matter, if no wrongdoing had been committed.

“Is it not a fact that the land in question was a Gram Sabha (village council) land, which was initially a part of Section 4 notification in land acquisition? Is it not a fact that it was subsequently released and a lease was executed after Section 4 notification? Besides, the lands of many builders are released,” said Prasad.

“And if everything is so right, then why did not the Haryana government come upfront before the Haryana High Court? Most importantly issue is, if everything is so transparent, why did the Haryana government undertake before the High Court review the entire procedure, to look into the matter, to reconsider the matter? All this by itself raises a whole range of questions,” he added.

Ravi Shankar Prasad also demanded strict and immediate action in the case.

“We very firmly believe that if there is a lot of wrongdoing in the land acquisition in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which we also share, we have been agitating, those who agitate need to follow the same yardstick as far as issues concerning allocation in their favour is concerned,” he said.

Various farmers residing in the villages near Gurgaon on Tuesday applied for a petition to the High Court at Chandigarh, stating that their lands had been forcibly acquired for a meagre amount of money by the state government to favour the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust floated by the Gandhi family.

Various media reports revealed Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi and daughter Priyanka Vadra were its trustees. (ANI)