Two dead in small plane crash in Austria

Vienna, Aug 22: Two people – both pilots – were killed when a single-engine plane crashed at an airport in Austria Sunday, officials said.

The plane suddenly crashed from an altitude of 30 to 40 metres shortly after take-off at the Mauterndorf airport in Salzburg Sunday afternoon, Xinhua reported.

It rebounded against an embankment and immediately went up in flames. Two people on board – an Austrian and a German, had no chance of survival, officials said.

Airport chairperson Heinz Schlaefer said the 62-year-old pilot was very experienced and the 40-year-old passenger on board was also a pilot.

The cause of the accident was still unclear.

The Mauterndorf airport is the highest airport in Austria. Since 2000, eight planes have crashed at or next to this Alps airport.