24 percent people prefer Perry vis- a- vis 18 percent Romney for 2012 presidential race

Washington, Sep 1(ANI): A new poll has shown that Texas Governor Rick Perry enjoys a 24 percent to 18 percent advantage against Mitt Romney for the 2012 presidential race.

The figure shows a narrower gap between Perry and Romney than that shown by Gallup, PPP and CNN surveys.

However, it does not mean Perry’s lead over Romney has actually narrowed.

It means that the Quinnipiac poll had looked at the issue from a new angle, the Politico reports.

The poll showed that there is not a marked difference between Perry and Romney in how they fare against US President Obama.

Though Perry is clearly a formidable primary opponent for Romney, he does not fully command support of Republican Party.

The poll has shown that among Republicans, Romney has a favorability rating of 57 percent, as opposed to Perry, who has 44 percent positive rating. (ANI)