Over 5,300 dengue cases reported in Lahore

Lahore, Sept 17(ANI): Dengue cases are still on the rise in Lahore, with 5,344 such cases having been confirmed so far in the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The number of dengue patients is constantly increasing in the hospitals in Lahore, and 25 patients have lost their lives so far, The News reports.

People suffering from fever are queuing in the hospitals for blood screening for dengue virus.

Emergency has been declared in the hospitals, but the problem seems uncontrollable by the management due to limited resources, the report said.

Dengue patients are claiming that despite confirmation of the disease, they are not being hospitalised, it added.

Several patients have turned to private hospitals, where they are being over-charged for treatment.

As the third round of fumigation begins, complaints have been received that teams have not sprayed several areas.

Dengue symptoms include lowered blood platelets, accompanied by high fever, body rashes and vomiting. (ANI)