Judicial probe sought into Mirza’s ‘connections with target killers’ allegations against Malik

Islamabad, Sept 5: Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has urged Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to form a judicial commission headed by a Supreme Court judge to investigate former Sindh home minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza’s serious allegations against him about his alleged connections with target killers in Karachi.

The Dawn quoted Gilani as saying that Malik had faxed a letter requesting an investigation, in which he said: “I would like to request you to please appoint a judicial commission headed by a judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan to look into the following allegations against me: (i) So-called connections with target killers. (ii) Target killers allegedly released under my instructions (concocted allegation).”

“I would like to apprise you that some false allegations have been levelled against me by former home minister, Sindh. I categorically deny these allegations as there is no truth in them. The criminals/target killers arrested by the police/Rangers are subject to judicial custody and their control does not fall under the Ministry of Interior. The undersigned neither ever instructed any authority in Sindh or any security agency under my control nor even recommended anybody to be released during the entire tenure of my position as Federal Minister for Interior. I request you to kindly take cognisance of these false allegations against me as I am in touch with the MQM and assisting the provincial government under the directives of the competent authority,” he added in the letter written September 3 this year.

Praising the decision of Malik, Gilani said that the government is reviewing the request, adding that ‘if there are any proofs against functionaries, they should be presented before a court.’

Dr Mirza had levelled serious allegations against Malik at a press conference on August 28, accusing the interior minister of having links with target killers in Karachi and ordering the release of some killers arrested by police and Rangers.

On being asked about Malik’s claims that the chief justice had been requested to set up special courts in Karachi, Gilani said if it was so then let the CJ decide about the matter. (ANI)