Kristen Stewart always has trouble deciding what to wear

Washington, Sept 20: ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart was voted the sixth sexiest woman in 2010, but admits that she is very bad when it comes to style and gets very confused when she has to decide what to wear.

Stewart, 21, said that she goes through various phases deciding what to wear, but “loves” the decision making part.

“All over the place right now. I have different versions of myself and a standard uniform – I wear jeans. It’s cool to have another side of things. I have phases,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling when asked to describe her personal style.

“I love what I wear, I mean I love choosing what I wear,” she added.

Though Stewart says that Fashion Week isn’t usually her scene, she revealed that she is still very “interested” in fashion.

“Actors and actresses have a hand in both words [acting and fashion]. You have to stay involved in it to be interested,” she said. (ANI)