Meet the Brit boy who defied all odds by sharing the same b’day as siblings!

London, Sept 29: A British baby has beaten odds of 133,590 to one to be born on the same day as both his older brothers.

Newborn baby boy Kyle Kellett shares his birthday – September 20 – with brothers Keiran, 6 and Kaiden, 3.

Amazed parents Sammy Kellett, 24, and Merv Jeans, 35, from Preston in Lancashire, are still shocked at the coincidence.

“I couldn’t believe it when I’d done it again,” the Sun quoted proud mum Sammy as saying.

“I still can’t. It’s crazy, it’s mad. I’ve got three KKs, all the 20th of the ninth,” she said.

Adding to the coincidence was the fact that the three boys were not only born on the same day but also in the same hospital, Royal Preston.

“I’d just got my head down when she went into labour, and it was time for the hospital, but it’s brilliant, I’m loving it,” said Jeans.

“They were obviously all meant to be,” he added. (ANI)