Palestinian accusation of ‘Israel bias’ may put Blair’s Middle East envoy role at risk

London, Sept 29: Tony Blair’s job as Middle East peace envoy could be in trouble as Palestinian authorities have accused him of being ‘biased’ towards Israel.

Palestinian officials have recently expressed harsh anti-Blair sentiments, saying that he solicited other European nations to vote against a Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN assembly last week.

“We have been extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with Blair’s performance since he became envoy, but particularly in the past few weeks,” the Telegraph quoted a senior Palestinian official, as saying.

Palestine has always been skeptical of Blair ever since he was appointed Middle East peace envoy after leaving Downing Street in June 2007.

The senior echelons of the Palestine Liberation Organisation are expected to meet in the coming days to discuss a proposal to declare Blair persona non grata, the paper said.

Palestinian anger towards Blair exploded into the open last week when Nabil Shaath, a senior negotiator, denounced him for peddling a US-backed peace plan that failed to call for a halt to Israeli settlement building. (ANI)