Woes of flood victims in Orissa increase after water recedes

Bhubaneswar, Sep 14: The woes of the flood victims in Orissa have aggravated with the receding of floodwaters.

This year, the floods caused major destruction as thousands of people were forced to leave their villages and take refuge in relief camps.

After the closure of the gates of the Hirakud dam, the floodwater had receded. However, the condition of the flood victims is yet to improve.

“This time the level of water was three feet more than the floods in 2003. We didn’t expect so much of rainfall and floods. All our crops and houses have been washed away during floods,” said Banisidhar, flood victim.

The problems faced by the flood victims in the 11 panchayats increased and their condition deteriorated. All the food commodities in the houses of the victims were washed away by the floodwater.

The aid provided by the government to the flood victims is not sufficient, as people do not have adequate money to start their life afresh.

The temporary shelters that were arranged by the government were inadequate and the people were forced to return to their homes.

“After their evacuation affected flood victims have been housed at our flood relief centre. We have installed free kitchen services at 11 places in which food is cooked and served to flood victims. Government of Orissa is supplying rice, pulses, parched rice, jaggery etc. and local revenue officer is monitoring these food items,” said Santosh Misra, Block Development Officer, Ambabhona block.

Locals affected due to the floods are pleading the government to help these victims in relocating and bringing their life back to normal.

Villages that have been worst affected by the floods this year are Bhainotara, Ambabhona, Kapasira, Dungari, Banjipaliand Uttam.

There are total of 104 villages in this block and the floods adversely affected 40 of them. (ANI)