Apple fans in China pay tribute to Jobs

Beijing, Oct 6: Apple fans in China were grief-stricken Thursday on learning about Steve Jobs’ death.

‘I was really shocked when I woke up and heard the news in the morning. It is like a giant star falling from the sky,’ microblogger ‘Wei Jinhuan’ said on Sina Weibo, the largest microblogging website in China.

‘His creativity and imagination had made the whole world astonished. His death means the end of an era,’ microblogger ‘Li Rong’ wrote.

‘I will never see him introducing his new products in simple dress and with powerful and enlightening words. Alas,’ Xinhua quoted user ‘Mo Xiaowei’ as posting.

Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., died in the US at the age of 56 Wednesday after losing a long battle with cancer.

His death came the day after Apple launched the iPhone 4S.

‘I now understand why the iPhone 5 can only be called iPhone 4S, because that stands for ‘iPhone for Steve’. I will buy a new iPhone 4S to remember great Jobs,’ microblogger ‘Xue Qi’ said.

‘Your products change the world and your thoughts influence a generation. May you rest in peace,’ Li Kaifu, former Google China president and now CEO of Innovation Works, wrote on Sina Weibo.