Balochistan FC IG accuses India of using Afghan soil for ‘subversive acts’ in Pak province

Quetta, Oct 8(ANI): A Pakistani Frontier Corps (FC) official has accused India of using Afghan territory to carry out attacks in Balochistan.

Addressing a press conference at the FC headquarters in Quetta, Inspector General (IG) Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan Major General Obaidullah Kattak said there was evidence that Afghanistan was being used against Pakistan.

“We have solid proof of Indian involvement,” The Nation quoted Kattak, as saying.

“Afghanistan’s soil is being used for subversive activities in Balochistan. We are not blaming Afghanistan, rather we have concrete evidences in this regard… We have taken up this issue with Afghan government, NATO and ISAF, while the Afghan government has assured us of complete cooperation,” he told reporters.

Kattak also claimed that the number of ‘subversive activities’ had been increased during the last month, in which different organisations were involved with role of internal and external elements.

Though the goals of organisations involved in subversive activities are different, they help each other in terrorist acts, he added.

Referring to the deteriorated law and order situation in Quetta, Kattak said that it could not be improved unless the city is deweaponised, and vehicles and local people are registered.

“FC has sent this proposal to provincial and federal governments and as we get permission for carrying out operation against illegal weapons, within two months Quetta city would be cleaned from every kind of illegal arms,” he vowed.

Earlier this week, former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had also accused India of seeking to “create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan” as part of its bid to dominate South Asia.

“In Afghanistan, there is some kind of a proxy conflict going on between Pakistan and India,” the former military ruler told a leadership forum in Washington.

“India is trying to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan,” he alleged, adding that he understood that India does not seek to take over Pakistan militarily, but it wants to dominate Pakistan in the area of foreign policy, economic policy, trade and commerce. (ANI)