New employment guidelines for Malay Indians to come into effect from Nov Entertainment

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 11(ANI): The Indian High Commission in Malaysia has proposed new employers’ guidelines, which would come into effect from November 1 to protect the interests of both Malaysian employers and Indian workers.

The new guidelines make it mandatory for employers to obtain the high commission’s endorsement on each fresh employment contract and set minimum wages for Malay- Indian workers.

The guidelines set the minimum monthly wage for Indian maids at 1,400 Ringgit, 1,200 Ringgit for skilled workers and 850 Ringgit for plantation workers.

It also set a minimum wage of 800 Ringgit for restaurant, construction and general workers, the Star reports.

“We believe the new guidelines will reduce cases of dispute between employers and Indian workers, while ensuring a fair wage for the workers,” the statement said.

The high commission said the minimum wage rate would only be applicable to new employment contracts signed between Malaysian employers and Indian workers from November 1 onwards.

“Indian workers in Malaysia who are already working on a valid employment contract, should therefore know that the new minimum wage will not apply in their case until the expiry of their existing contracts,” a high commission statement said

It also clarified that the minimum wage structure should not prohibit workers from India from getting higher salaries.

“It also does not mean that the wages of Indian workers will be reduced subsequently in case they are being paid a higher wage at present,” it said. (ANI)