Rameez Raja urges ICC to dump neutral umpires concept

Karachi, Oct 31(ANI): Former Pakistan batsman Rameez Raja feels that International Cricket Council (ICC) should do away with the concept of having neutral umpires.

Raja also advocated the need to rotate the on-field umpires during Test matches.

His comment comes after a high number of debatable decisions by Tony Hill and Shavir Keki Tarapore in the second Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Dubai.

“I don’t see why the ICC can’t have their best umpires on the elite panel supervising in all the matches,” the Nation quoted Rameez, as saying.

“Why shouldn’t Aleem Dar or Asad Rauf stand in a Test involving Pakistan? Why is this issue of neutral umpires so important? The ICC says it has the best umpires on its elite panel so why can’t they just stand in any match?” he added. (ANI)