Sydney Islamic gang under police scanner for planning jihad

Sydney, Oct 2(ANI): Counter-terrorism Police is probing an extremist Islamic gang, which was suspected of planning criminal activities across Sydney to raise money for the Taliban.

The New South Wales Police and Australian security agencies have been probing the case for over a year, and several “associates” who once formed a part of group are also under the scanner, the Telegraph reports.

The gang comprises Australian citizens of Middle Eastern-descent, aged between 20 and 30 years.

Counter-terrorism chiefs said the group was “in the extreme category” of religious ideology, and they were inspired by the “events in the Middle East”.

Though the police suspects that one of the group members wanted to send money overseas to support a terrorism network, they have no evidence to back their claims.

“You have guys with extreme views and a position about the conflict in the Middle East. They formed an alliance along the same form of beliefs,” a source told the Telegraph

A police source told the Telegraph that the group’s youngest member wanted to train with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and aimed become a “martyr” through “jihad”.

He followed the teachings of the al-Qaeda spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in an air aid recently.

The group followed the teachings of a Sydney sheik and attended his prayer sessions regularly.

Police said the sheik was not associated in any way with the terrorist group or their activities. (ANI)