Chinese fishing boat captain freed by Japan after paying 300,000 Yen fine

Beijing, Nov 10: A Chinese fishing boat captain detained by Japanese authorities after his vessel strayed into the nation’s waters, has been released after paying a fine of 300,000 Yen.

Zhang Tianxiong, 47, was taken into custody along with 10 of his crew members by the Japanese coastguard on Sunday when sailing near the Goto islands off Nagasaki in southwestern Japan.

According to the coast guard, the 10 crew members arrived at Nagasaki port on Monday afternoon with the fishing vessel and were taken in for questioning. None of them were arrested.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that the incident has been resolved appropriately, the China Daily reports.

This incident occurred just over one year after tensions between China and Japan flared up following the detention of a captain of a Chinese trawler, which collided with Japanese patrol boats in September 2010.

The incident has had a lasting effect on diplomatic relations.

Many experts, however, believe that the latest incident is not likely to damage the bilateral relationship between the two nations, but it may influence high-level exchanges. (ANI)