Girl bedded by conman posing as ManU’s Tom Cleverley

London, Nov 3: A girl has claimed that she was tricked into bed by a fraudster who posed as Manchester United Ace, Tom Cleverley.

Jade Dawson, 20, admitted being “totally taken in” by the bogus man she thought was Cleverley.

The girl said that the sham even insisted that his “bodyguard”, a pal he had roped in to help him pull off the hoax, watch over them throughout their romp, the Daily Mail reported.

He stood guard as they kissed and fondled one another in a Blackpool bed and breakfast.

Although Dawson turned down the seducer’s pleas for full sex but was still horrified when she learned he was not Cleverley.

Jade said when the truth came out she did not leave her house for a week after suffering abuse from fans who accused her of lying about their hero.

Following the incidence, she has warned all the wannabe WAGs against the fake star.

“Give him the boot!” she said. (ANI)