Imogen Thomas may tell-all about fling with Ryan Giggs if ban is lifted

London, Nov 25: Imogen Thomas could be allowed to speak about her affair with Ryan Giggs for the first time, if the gagging order barring her from revealing the details is lifted.

Justice Eady is set to announce whether he plans to lift the gagging order, which had been obtained by the 37-year-old married footballer to stop Thomas from revealing the details of her six-month fling, the Daily Star reported.

The 28-year-old Welsh glamour model went to the High Court in London a fortnight ago to apply for the removal of the injunction obtained by the Manchester United star in April.

Giggs’ hopes of remaining anonymous were wrecked when he was outed on Twitter and in Parliament, and later his sister-in-law Natasha, also confessed that she had also had an eight-year fling with him. (ANI)