Love-cheat Tindall axed for unapologetic drunken antics during World Cup

London, Nov 13: English rugby star Mike Tindall has been sacked from the team by his angry bosses, as he failed to apologize for his boozy night out during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

During the team’s infamous night out in New Zealand on 11th September, the newly married Tindall drunkenly cavorted with a glamorous former girlfriend.

Tindall, 33, was also fined 25,000 pounds by England’s rugby governing body Rugby Football Union (RFU) following the events that took place in Queenstown on September 11.

“This whole affair could have been rescued in New Zealand if Tindall had apologised for an out-of-character lapse, the Sun quoted an insider as saying.

“Instead, he refused to say sorry and it dragged on and on.

“His behaviour was a serious breach of rules and always going to lead to some disciplinary action.

“But if he had handled this at its height, vowed to make amends during the rest of the World Cup and switched the focus back to rugby, who knows how the team would have done,” the source added.

Vice-captain Tindall, misled his bosses by telling them he had gone straight back to the team hotel after sharing a drunken clinch with a blonde during the squad’s night out.

But security cameras showed him with the woman, ex-girlfriend Jessica Palmer, in another bar in the early hours.

“His actions reached a level of misconduct that was unacceptable in a senior England player,” RFU chief Rob Andrew said.

Tindall’s dismissal from the Elite Player Squad means the end of his international career. (ANI)