Magic missing at Eden: Dravid regrets dwindling crowds

Kolkata, Nov 14: Ruing the missing crowd at Eden and other cricketing grounds, India’s seasoned batsman Rahul Dravid Monday rued that the magic that the giant stadium once created was missing.

With only around 10,000 spectators turning up to watch day one of the second Test between India and West Indies despite a media frenzy created over Sachin Tendulkar standing tantalizingly close to 100 international centuries, Dravid expressed sadness over the the empty stands.

Recalling his matches at the Eden in the 1990s, he said: ‘I remember coming here in the 90s and playing Tests where 100,000 people are watching you’.

‘… It is a little sad… But it is not only Calcutta… The situation is similar everywhere… people do follow Test cricket and a lot is written about it…,’ he said.

‘I still remember there used to be a magic here in the ground back in the 90s,’ he said at the end of the first day’s play.