‘Obama fever’ among kids dies down amid faltering US economy

Washington, Nov 15(ANI): Recent interviews with American kids and their parents have suggested that President Barack Obama’s appeal among youngsters has faded.

Obama exerted a particular charm on children during his 2008 election race, leading conservatives to allege that Obama was “brainwashing” the youth.

But recent interviews with kids suggest that Obama has disappointed them and, they have moved on, Politico reports.

A seven-year-old student Aron Mondschein had written a letter to Obama as part of his class’s Flat Stanley project, and was elated to get the former’s response “but right now,” according to his mother, “he’s kind of into his own things.”

Another student, Ann Elizabeth Bailey, 12, whose viewpoint on Obama had featured in a Post and Courier article on Inauguration Day said she still thinks Obama is “pretty cool,” though he is no longer a constant topic of discussion among her friends.

According to some parents, the fading of kids’ enthusiasm reflects the mercurial attention span, which forms a part of 21st century childhood.

One of the ten American schools named after Obama, Barack Obama Elementary’s fourth- and fifth-grade students, admitted that though Obama remains a discussion topic for teachers and parents, much of the excitement about him has died down.

A student, Ashley, 10, said she and her friends “don’t really” talk about Obama these days, as the faltering US economy had affected her severely.

“Since the economy’s falling, I don’t get so much allowance anymore,” she said.(ANI)