Poachers in Africa use new techniques

Maputo (Mozambique), Nov 24: Poachers in the southeast African nation of Mozambique are now investing in new techniques for slaughtering wild animals, with officials reporting the sighting of an unidentified helicopter over a national park in the country.

The helicopter has been flying over the airspace of the national park of Quirimbas in Mozambique’s northern province of Cabo Delgado, Xinhua reported citing state news agency AIM.

The case was reported by park administrator Jose Dias, who said this level of investment goes beyond the supervising capacity of local authorities.

This new trend puts the preservation of forest species in danger, he said.

Dias said poachers use helicopters to transport ivory after killing elephants, making interventions much more difficult for forest authorities.

In most cases, poachers are better equipped than the park supervisors themselves.

This year, poachers have killed 52 elephants in the Niassa reserve in northern Mozambique, and a total of 124 elephants in two years, official reports show.