Sri Sri Ravi Shankar criticises Digvijay Singh

Jaunpur (UP), Nov 8: Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has criticised Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh for his critical remarks against him, yoga guru Baba Ramdev and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who is in Jaunpur, on his four-day tour of Uttar Pradesh, said that he didn’t appreciate such remarks and hoped that god would grant wisdom and foresight to people making such remarks.

“My job is to raise sensitivity and I don’t appreciate those people who try and give it a political colour and use terms like A category, B category and C category. Those who say such things, I just hope that may god bless them with wisdom, foresight and conscience. My work is to unite everyone,” he added.

Digvijay Singh had recently created controversy by posting on a social networking site, “Plan A – Baba Ramdev Crashed, Plan B- Anna? Plan C – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar soon to start his campaign”

Singh also accused the BJP of conspiring to use Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in a phased manner as tools in an anti-corruption campaign in different parts of the country.

Defending his state tour, Ravi Shankar said his tour was a spiritual one and it was sad to see some politicians relating it to any political outfit. He clarified that his tour was not affiliated with any political group.

“I am definitely going to speak against corruption and I will also initiate pledges against corruption. But this (tour) is not associated with any political party, if someone feels this way, then it’s their problem. I am also going to raise support for Lokpal (people ombudsman) bill and we need a comprehensive Lokpal bill, but I don’t believe that corruption shall be eradicated by one law,” Ravi Shankar added.

He further defended Team Anna by saying he would have never been associated with them, had they been corrupt.

“I cannot agree with the corruption charges filed against them (members of team Anna). I don’t think these are corrupt people, as far as I know, they are very clear-minded and are thinking in the interest of the country. If they were corrupt, I would have never supported them,” Ravishankar said.

Team Anna have recently been plagued by various controversies .dvocate and prominent team member Prashant Bhushan has been entrusted with the task of seeking the consent of retired judges to be a part of the committee, which will probe allegations against the key members.

Former Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and civil society activist Kiran Bedi has attracted controversy for overcharging her hosts by inflating travel bills, while RTI crusader and Anna’s key aide Arvind Kejriwal has been accused of diverting donations meant for Team Anna to his trust, besides delaying the clearing of his dues to the government of over Rupees nine lakhs. (ANI)