It’s a tough for elderly women in China

Beijing, Nov 29: Elderly women in China have to lead a more challenging life than men of their age.

According to experts, such a disparity exists due to the elderly women having a lower income but leading a longer life, the China Daily reported.

In China, nearly 46 percent of the women in their 60s rely on children to help them pay for their daily expenses, which is 24 percent more than what men do.

Only 20 percent of the elderly women receive pensions and other retirement benefits in comparison to 30 percent men.

‘The majority of elderly women, especially in rural areas, are housewives who barely had the chance to receive education 40 years ago or even longer,’ said Fang Jiake, deputy director of the Hetong Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association in Tianjin, a metropolis in northern China.

‘So women are more vulnerable to poverty in their old age and depend heavily on their children to support them,’ Fang said.

Even some working women feel they may have a struggling retired life.

Qi Xiao, 46, a worker at a liquor factory in Suqian, said she feared having a hard time supporting herself if she stopped working at the age of 50.

In China, women can expect to live to be 74 years old on average, which is three years more than men.