Corruption positive, jests Dalai Lama

New Delhi, Dec 3: Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama Saturday said jokingly that corruption could also be positive.

‘I once met a delegation of Buddhists from Vietnam who asked me about corruption in order to get a good job for workers. I said positive corruption,’ the leader said in a lighter vein, laughing, in response to a query about corruption.

He then added that he has retired now and had handed over the responsibility to an elected government (Tibetan government-in-exile) — and was at liberty not to speak about it.

The Dalai Lama refused to comment on the anti-corruption crusade in India.

The Buddhist seer delivered the 5th annual Penguin Lecture at the India Habitat Centre here on ‘The Art of Happiness’ in which he touched on a broad range of subjects pertaining to the art of being happy and compassionate.

‘Compassion is motivation – which is taking care of other’s well being. There is no place to lie, exploit or harm,’ he said.