Egypt’s Islamists sweep second round of parliamentary elections

Cairo, Dec 25: Egypt’s two main Islamist parties have won aajority of the votes in the second phase of parliamentary elections.

Chairman of the High Judicial Elections Commission Abdel- Moez Ibrahim announced on Saturday that over four million voted for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which ranks the first,and some three millions voted for the ultra-conservative Salafist Nour party.

The FJP won 40 out of the total 60 seats, while the Nour party won 13 seats and the independents got four seats in the nine governorateshere the polls were held, according to the official newspaperL-Ahram

The run-off witnessed a great loss for the dissolved Nationalemocratic Party (NDP), Xinhua reports.

Ibrahim said “new procedures are to be adopted in the third stage tovoid any violations that occurred in the second one.”

“There will be more judicial officials in each electoral center touarantee that instructions for the illiterate and those with specialeeds are applied according to the governing human laws,” saidbrahim.

Islamists dominated the seats in the first democratic parliamentarylections since ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak in February.

In the first voting, held on November 28 and 29 in the nine provinces including Cairo and Alexandria, the FJP and the Nour Party won 60 percent of the votes. (ANI)