Kejriwal calls for redrafting of Lokpal Bill

New Delhi, Dec 22: With the Centre tabling in Lok Sabha a historic bill for creation of an anti-graft ombudsman with Constitutional status, veteran social activist Anna Hazare’s key aide Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday rejected the Lokpal Bill and demanded its withdrawal.

Kejriwal said most of the politicians, government officials, companies and political parties were not brought within the ambit of the bill.

“We reject the government’s bill. We want this bill to be withdrawn and redrafted,” he told the media here.

Kejriwal said that the bill failed to protect the interests of the people, as majority of the politicians and the government officials were not brought within the purview of the anti-graft bill.

“Nearly 90 percent politicians are out of the ambit of this bill, nearly 95 percent government officials are out of the purview of the bill, all the companies are outside the provisions of this bill and all the political parties are outside the provisions of this bill,” he added.

Kejriwal claimed the government would control the suspension, removal and selection of the Lokpal and would even appoint senior officers of the Lokpal.

“The government controls suspension, removal, selection of the Lokpal. The government will appoint even senior officers of the Lokpal such as Director of Prosecution, Director of Inquiry and Secretary to the Lokpal,” he added.

Kejriwal said the bill was anti-people, and added that the government wanted to crush the rights of the people.

“The entire Bill is anti-people the government wants to crush the right of people through this Lokpal legislation,” hr added.

Accusing the government of sheltering the corrupt officials by providing free legal aide and counsel, Kejriwal said: “For the first time in this country, the government will provide free legal aide and counsel to a corrupt official. If somebody complains against a corrupt official, the cases could be registered only after two years but the corrupt official can register case against the complainant on the first day itself.”

The Union Cabinet had on Tuesday approved the Bill for creation of the Lokpal with Constitutional status.

The fresh Bill allows the Lokpal to oversee investigation of cases referred by it by the CBI. But, the Bill clearly mentions that CBI will continue to be under the government’s administrative control. (ANI)