Angry Tibetans parade monk’s body in China after self-immolation

Beijing, Jan 9: Hundreds of angry Tibetans forced Chinese police to hand over the body of a monk who died after setting himself on fire on Sunday, and then carried it through the streets in the country’s northwest region.

The 42-year-old monk, named Sopa, died on January 8 morning after drinking and throwing kerosene over his body.

According to US broadcaster Radio Free Asia, protestors carried his remains through the streets in Dari County in Qinghai province.

The broadcaster quoted a source as saying Sopa’s ‘body exploded in pieces’ before police took it away.

According to The Telegraph, a source revealed that police initially refused to give up the body, but relented after ‘the protesters smashed windows and doors of the local police station.’

Another source said that only the head and chest parts were intact.

According to the report, two other men set themselves on fire on Friday in Sichuan province.

There has been a wave of self-immolations since last March. At least 13 people, mostly monks and nuns, have set immolated to protest against perceived religious repression by the Chinese government.

The Dalai Lama has condemned the self-immolations, but says people are being driven to desperation by ‘cultural genocide’ under Chinese rule. (ANI)