Indian kindergartener honoured for anti-smoking campaign in Dubai

Dubai, Jan 8: A five-year-old Indian origin boy has been honoured by Public Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality for his efforts towards anti-smoking campaign.

Satvik Vashisht, who took upon himself the task of creating awareness among smokers about health benefits of quitting, started the campaign last year, reaching out to more than 500 smokers in several areas including Lamcy Plaza, near the Creek, the Global Village and Meena Bazaar, Gulf News reported.

He was honoured by Redha Salman, Director of the Public Health and Safety Department.

“I like good people and clean places, smoking is very bad, people should not do it,” Satvik said.

“I want to be part of any awareness campaigns as people are ready to hear me,” he said.

Satvik’s father said that his son is quite keen on starting another campaign.

“He is quite motivated with the encouragement of the Public Health and Safety Department and is very enthusiastically asking for another campaign to start with,” said Satvik’s father.

The leaflets distributed by the senior kindergarten student explain how the decision to quit may seem difficult, but health benefits come quickly when one stops smoking.

Satvik informed smokers about how energy levels increase within 72 hours of quitting, while in three to nine months, illnesses like cough, wheezing and other breathing problems get alleviated. (ANI)