Murdered Indian student Anuj Bidve’s parents speak about devastation at losing their son

London, Jan 1: The family of murdered Indian student Anuj Bidve, has revealed their devastation at losing him, and told how they emortgaged their home so that their son could study micro-electronics at Lancaster University.

Contrary to reports that describe them as rich, the Bidves revealed that they took out a 25,000 pounds loan for the one-year course in which Anuj was working on a pioneering electronic method to monitor heart patients.

“I want people to understand what a big loss this is for us. We are not a rich family. We are a middle-class family,” Anuj’s father, Subhash, said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail.

“We have gone through a lot of pain and spent a lot of money for Anuj’s education. We sent him to the UK by taking loans from the bank. He was our only son and we had so many dreams about him and about his life. Now those dreams have gone and everything has collapsed,” the paper quoted him, as saying.

“If we don’t repay the loan we took out, the house will be taken by the bank. But that is not my main worry at this time. My concern is that my son should get justice. That is what we are fighting for,” he added.

In an oversight of unimaginable cruelty, the family only found out about the attack on Anuj through a Facebook message sent by a friend to one of his cousins in Pune.

The family spent hours frantically ringing police and hospitals in England before finally being told of Anuj’s death 12 hours after he passed away in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police apologised to the family, but Subhash said that ‘it was too late.’

Subhash also has other mis-givings about the nature of the investigation thus far, particularly after speaking to a friend who was with Anuj at the time of the attack.

“The friend told me the killer came up to Anuj and asked him the time, Anuj didn’t reply, but one of his friends behind him said, “It’s 1.30.” The killer then pulled out a gun and shot Anuj in the head, laughed, and then ran away,” Subhash said.

Bidve, 23, was shot dead as he walked with friends near their hotel in Salford, Great Manchester, on December 26. (ANI)