Egypt to announce Mubarak verdict on June 2

Cairo, Feb 23: An Egyptian judge has announced June 2 as the date to deliver the verdict on the country’s former President Hosni Mubarak, former interior minister Habib el-Adli and his six aides.

Mubarak is charged with complicity in the killing of protesters during the 18-day uprising that forced his ouster a year ago.

On Wednesday, Mubarak, el-Adli, and six of Adli’s deputies were given the opportunity to address the court for the first time.

According to state media reports, Mubarak declined the opportunity, saying his attorneys had defended him adequately, The Washington Post reports.

Meanwhile, political activists have accused Egypt’s top generals, who assumed power on February 11 last year, of not doing enough to bring former government members to account for their crimes.

So far, only one police officer has been convicted, in absentia, of killing protesters, and others have been acquitted.

Many activists say they worry that the case against Mubarak is not strong enough to assure his conviction. (ANI)