Pakistan to resume ‘regular’ NATO supplies from March

Islamabad, Feb 15: Pakistan would reportedly resume the ‘regular’ NATO supplies in the first week of March.

According to an agreement reportedly signed by both countries, the US would not offer an official apology over the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a NATO attack in Mohmand Agency.

Instead, vibes would be ‘leaked’ to media suggesting an off-the-record apology being tendered by the US authorities in Islamabad or Washington, The Nation reports.

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar had earlier confirmed that NATO aerial supplies were resumed for transportation of humanitarian stuff and edible food items for the allied soldiers in Afghanistan. he supplies have been resumed on ‘humanitarian grounds’, he added.

Asked if any decision on ‘humanitarian’ grounds was taken as well to restore partial NATO supplies via land route from Pakistan, he said: “Well there isn’t much difference. It doesn’t matter if the humanitarian supplies reach there by air or by road. What’s the difference?”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has admitted that Islamabad has allowed NATO to use its airspace for ferrying supplies to troops stationed in Afghanistan.

“We have allowed them to transport food items by air to Afghanistan, since they were perishable. However, we have also told them not to bring more food supplies,” Mukhtar added. (ANI)