73% Britons believe Afghan War unwinnable

London, Mar 13: Over seven in ten Britons believe that the Afghan war was unwinnable.

The figure has grown from 60 percent in June last year to 73 percent, while more than half (55 percent) think British troops should be withdrawn immediately compared to 48 percent previously, The Daily Star quoted the latest Index poll conducted by ComRes, as saying.

About 46 percent had no idea why they were in Afghanistan and did not understand why British soldiers were fighting, up from 39 percent before.

They showed that public understanding of the purpose of Britain’s mission in the conflict has fallen from 44 percent last October to 38 percent this week, and now nearly half (48 percent) of those asked do not believe they have a good understanding of the purpose of Britain’s mission there.

Only 18 percent think that having forces in Afghanistan makes Britain a safer place with three in five who disagree (60 percent).

Over half (55 percent) believe that the threat of terrorism on British soil is increased by British forces remaining in Afghanistan, while one in five (21 percent) disagree with this while one in four (24 percent) do not know.

More than half (57 percent) disagree that the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan are justified by the cause they are fighting for, rising from 50 percent last June. Now just one in four (26 percent) agree and 17 percent say they are not sure. (ANI)