Afghan camps for Baloch separatists closed: Rehman Malik

Islamabad, Mar 5: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Afghanistan has closed training camps of Baloch separatists, allegedly on the intervention of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

“After we approached the honourable President of Afghanistan with facts and figures he was kind enough to look into the matter by promising to stop the infiltration of miscreants from his side of the border,” The Dawn quoted Malik, as saying.

During his recent visit to Islamabad, Karzai was informed about the infiltration of militants into Balochistan.

Malik said “President Karzai had promised to stop the infiltration from Kandahar into Balochistan”.

Insisting that Kabul has now formally given an assurance that infiltration of militants into the border town of Chaman will be stopped, Malik said: “There was a training camp of 5,000 people in Kandahar but it has been dismantled now and its operators have moved out of the area.”

He said Kabul had promised that insurgents would not be allowed to operate in Pakistan from Afghanistan, adding: “We are monitoring the situation and those playing in the hands of foreign forces to destabilise the country will not be spared.” (ANI)