BMW set to recall 1.3 million vehicles over safety concerns

London, Mar 27(ANI): Luxury carmaker BMW has been hit by 1.3 million vehicle global recall over a safety concern raised due to faulty battery cable cover.

BMW is set to recall all models of the previous generation 5-Series and 6-Series, built from 2003 to 2010. The worst-case scenario that can be faced due to this particular safety concern is that the car can catch fire.

Spokesman for BMW Australia, Piers Scott claimed that around ten thousand BMW cars were affected in Australia itself, and they are trying their best to identify their owners so that the deficiency in the car could be removed by necessary repair work.

“We haven’t any reports of problems and I guess this could be seen as being overly-cautious but this is the best approach,” quoted Scott, as saying.

Scott further said issues like these reinforced cars should be serviced through authorized BMW dealerships ‘however, we will be alerting all service channels to capture all owners’.

“The problem centers on wiring that is not easily visible,” he added.

BMW has claimed that no accidents or injuries have occurred because of the issue, but there is the potential that affected models may fail to start, or at worse, catch fire.

Owners will be sent a letter and will be asked to visit a BMW dealer for a free, 30-minute repair session. (ANI)