Chinese writers seek $8mln from Apple for unauthorised use of their works

Beijing, Mar 19: A group of Chinese writers is seeking eight million dollars in compensation from technology giant Apple for allegedly selling pirated copies of their books on its online store.

The group, which has filed the 50 million Yuan claim against Apple, alleged the US giant’s App Store has been selling unlicensed copies of some 95 books

Xinhua reported that the writers claimed that Apple was too slow in removing the allegedly pirated content when it was notified about the problem.

According to The Herald Sun, the group is now waiting for the US firm’s response, the report said, but it is unclear where it filed the claim.

Meanwhile, an Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu said the firm responds promptly and appropriately to all complaints.

“As an IP holder ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property and when we receive complaints, we respond promptly and appropriately,” Wu said without elaborating further.

This is the latest copyright dispute to hit Apple in China, after a computer firm Proview Technology filed lawsuits against the US company claiming it owns the Chinese rights for the “iPad” trademark. (ANI)