Dujardin calls his success ‘happy accident’

Los Angeles, March 4: French actor Jean Dujardin, who won best actor Oscar for “The Artist”, said he never planned his career and thinks that the success is simply a happy accident.

The actor admits he never considered working in movies after a career as a stand-up comedian.

“I didn’t think about cinema. It could’ve ended at the cabaret stage. But I crossed over, and happy accidents kept happening. I never stopped working. But it was never a career plan,” he told Marie Claire magazine.

The 39-year-old star is keen to stick to his French roots because he thinks asking for more success would be “indecent”.

“I’ve always been put into boxes with labels on them. What’s funny is to make fools out of people. And not to stagnate in just one role – that’s the essential thing. If there was a nice project I will star in an American film, but I don’t have the fantasy, that dream. To make movies in France is huge enough. It would be indecent to ask for more,” he said.