Mancini says ‘god’ has not helped him with his career

London, Mar 28(ANI): Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, who visited a pilgrim spot where Catholics believe the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared before six school children, has said god hasn’t helped him with his career since he has better things to do.

Mancini claimed he was there as a pilgrim after his father Aldo had recovered from a heart attack, and he believes City can still win the title without any help from god.

“I have been very religious since I was a young boy. But I would not say that God or the Virgin Mary help me in my career. They have more important stuff to do,” The Sun quoted Mancini, as saying.

“But I believe Manchester City will win the league,” he added.

Mancini also went to mass, and visited a monastery during his two-day trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina with wife Federica and daughter Camilla.

But the highlight was walking to the top of Apparition Hill where the six children who are now know as ‘seers’ had their vision of Mary in 1981. (ANI)