Romney worried about winning against Obama: McCain

Washington, Mar.9: Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain acknowledged Wednesday that ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s six wins on Super Tuesday could possibly not be enough to nail the seat in the Oval Office.

“The longer this goes out, the worse our (Republicans) chances are,” the Arizona senator told CBS during a discussion about the GOP primary.

“Every single day of a campaign is a day you can never do over. So, every day between now and November that is devoted to winning the primary, is lost on winning the general election, and that I have to tell you, it makes me very worried about our chances to win in November,” McCain added.

McCain endorsed Romney for president in January. The two were bitter opponents for the Republican nomination in 2008, but Romney eventually backed McCain after conceding.

The Republican lawmaker isn’t the only GOPer worried about Romney’s chances.

While the former Massachusetts governor has racked up more delegates than his opponents, he’s struggled to rally his conservative base, which was demonstrated on Super Tuesday with his razor-thin win against rival Rick Santorum in the battleground state in Ohio.

John Ullyot, a Republican strategist, claimed Republican resources were being sapped as a result of the long drawn out primaries.

He said Romney was being prevented from focusing on President Obama.

Nelson Warfield, an adviser during Rick Perry’s run, said Romney was having big troubles sewing up the nomination.

McCain insisted however long the process, it was “inevitable” that Romney would garner the 1,144 delegates required to seal the deal. (ANI)