Two-thirds of young British Asians support honour code but not honour killing: Poll

London, Mar 19(ANI): Two-thirds of young British Asians agree that families should live according to the “honour” concept, but only three percent of them justified honour killings, a new poll has found.

A poll for BBC Panorama suggested that 69 percent of respondents, including 75 percent of young men and 63 percent of young women support the honour code.

Eighteen percent also felt that a woman’s attempt to tarnish her family’s honour, including disobeying their father, and wanting to leave an existing or prearranged marriage justified physical punishment.

The results come in the wake of women’s groups call for an end to “honour” crimes.he poll, conducted for the BBC by ComRes, interviewed 550 young Asians between the ages of 16 and 34 living in Britain.

A campaigner, Jasvinder Sanghera, said it was time for British Asian leaders to speak about the honour code, also known as “Izzat” in Urdu.

“I’ve yet to see community leaders, religious leaders, politicians, Asian councillors give real leadership on this. They don’t because they know it makes them unpopular,” he added. (ANI)