20 women hired by US Secret Service, Marines in Colombia

Washington, April 18: A U.S. Senator has claimed that about 20 women were brought to a hotel in Colombia where Secret Service agents were staying.

Senator Susan Collins said this after being briefed by Secret Service director Mark Sullivan on the Colombian scandal, News 24 reports.

“Some 20 women foreign nationals were brought to the hotel in [Colombia], but allegedly marines were involved with the rest”, she said.

She said some of the agents involved ‘were uniformed personnel who are assigned to build security. Others were specialised agents who worked on security details.’

Senator Collins said that Sullivan has assured her that all agents involved in the scandal have been questioned.

The Senator said the women could have jeopardised security of the president.

A US source, on condition of anonymity, said the agents, who have been given administrative leave, had their security clearances suspended pending investigation into the allegations.

None of the Secret Service personnel involved in the scandal were assigned to Obama’s personal security detail. (ANI)