Bentley records more sales in China over West

Beijing, April 8: Bentley has shunned its image of being a status symbol in the Western world only, as the luxury vehicle is now gaining more popularity in China than anywhere else in the world, according to the latest statistics.

According to the Daily Mail, China for the first time has led the Bentley sales table, a landmark that will be seen as another sign of a new world economic order.

The makers of the classic British marque said that 578 of the 1,759 cars sold in the first three months were to wealthy buyers in China compared with 468 to North America.

While worldwide sales were up by 47 percent last year, the figures for the Chinese market soared by an astounding 85 percent.

Thanks to China’s astonishing economic success that has led the Chinese millionaires to afford a price tag of up to 225,000. pounds

The boost in sales was observed after the Beijing Motor Show was organized earlier this year, which attracted a number of Chinese millionaires.

Bentley chief executive Wolfgang Duerheimer said: “Bentley’s customers in China, as those elsewhere, value our emphasis on the finest craftsmanship and automotive engineering. They know that buying a Bentley is an unrivalled combination of luxury and performance”. (ANI)